Ring of Elysium is a Free to Play game on PC.  It is a First Person Shooter, but Battle Royale Style. Players are forced into smaller zones with each timed countdown, to force an outcome of a Winner of the match.

This Website is specifically for the THAILAND Server.  You can join us by installing the GARENA game client and downloading the ROE game.  Once you launch the game, you can go to settings and change the language to English.  We will make short instructions on that along with a video soon.

1. Download Garena here
2. Install Ring of Elysium (it’s free)
3. Download and install Discord here

Latest Posts ...

New Map
Ashen Eye is a non closing circle map. I had a quick play on it and you start with submachine
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What is Tea Bagging? After you kill someone, you stand over their head and prone up and down. This is
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New Video
Rizky G™ out with another video. Check it out and give some feedback. It takes him hours to produce and
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Website up !
Finally we have a website for the Fans of the Ring of Elysium game, RoE for short. In game my
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